Commercial Laundry Service

Serving to Hotels, Service Apartments and Restaurants

Why Our Commercial Laundry is Always Best?

1. Always Free Pickup/Drop

mastBus Laundry never charge for door pickup & drop service. But yah you should understand the delivery boy expense now a days is going more than 15k per month, so we request you give at-least 5 kg clothes for washing if free pickup is arranged.

2. Good Packaging

We take care of individual packing of your clothes. We wash, dry, fold then wrap your clothes with reusable packet.

3. Super Fast Process

Obviously, we are having very big industrial machines 3 100kg washers and 4 150kg Dryers.

4. Reasonable Price

We guarantee to provide lifetime free washing for you if you can find any other laundry better than our quality and our price.

Fully Automatic Hotel Laundry Process

Imported Commercial Washer cum Extractor

Imported Commercial Washer cum Extractor

Folding the Linens Through Machine

Here We Are

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